The Origins of Droppin’ Knowledge

Droppin’ Knowledge with Chef Marvin Woods originated as a wellness program designed to teach lifestyles that are healthy for kids and their families – through food. Created by Chef Marvin in response to the escalating health issues of our kids, the program espouses “The More We Know, the Better We’ll Eat.”

Droppin’ Knowledge with Chef Marvin Woods aimed to unify the entire community – parents, teachers, corporations, government leaders, food companies – in an entertaining and motivating way to make a positive difference in the overall health of our kids, including childhood obesity and teenage diabetes. The program’s goals were to:

  • Engage the community and recognize that together we can help make a difference in fighting childhood obesity and other current health issues and that lifestyles can be healthy for kids and their families.
  • Teach through first-hand experience new ways to improve how and what we eat.
  • Introduce new foods and flavors beyond what we may be used to, acknowledging that the more we know, the better we will eat and the better our lives will be.
  • Empower families to do better – even just a little bit – with simple tools, easy instruction and helpful tips. This can make meals healthy, quick and easy.
  • Enjoy food and have fun with it.

Droppin’ Knowledge with Chef Marvin Woods was initiated by Chef Marvin himself. He wanted to work with kids and learn how they and their families use food in their daily lives. With the endorsement of Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall, Chef Marvin visited students in select APS schools in late 2006 and early 2007. The experience was so rewarding for the kids, the school administration and Chef Marvin, Droppin’ Knowledge with Chef Marvin Woods was expanded into all APS high schools in September 2007 through a partnership with Sodexho USA. Today, Chef Marvin works with the cafeteria managers and employees to sharpen their skills in the kitchen to improve the food service and delivery and create new kitchen recipes. He also regularly meets with students to continue the dialogue on how to improve food in schools and in homes promoting lifestyles that are healthy for kids in and out of school.

The overall goal of Chef Marvin’s program was to make it available to every school in America. Droppin’ Knowledge with Chef Marvin Woods was made possible through corporate support. For corporate sponsorship opportunities or for additional program information, contact Marvin.