Recipes and Tips by Chef Marvin Woods

All Good brings inspiration, joy, and conversation to cooking through a diverse collection of recipes inspired by dishes you may know and from around the world. Whether you eat a plant-based or meat diet, or whether you’re new to the kitchen or a seasoned home chef, All Good delivers knowledge, anecdotes, tips, and chef techniques to feed the soul and stomach. Chef Marvin created this cookbook to motivate you to Cook, Eat, and Live Whole.

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The New Low-Country Cooking
125 Recipes for Coastal Southern Cooking with Innovative Style

There’s a whole world of flavor packed into an eighty-plus-square-mile area surrounding the cities of Charleston and Savannah. It’s called the Low Country of South Carolina.


For centuries, Low Country cooks have taken the diverse foods of Africa, France, Spain, and the Caribbean and turned them into one of the most intriguing regional cuisines.


Chef Marvin Woods offers a new take on this extraordinary cuisine. By incorporating these international flavors with contemporary techniques, he stays true to the roots of the original dish, yet creates new flavors that are innovative and delicious.

Home Plate Cooking
Everyday Southern Cuisine with a Fresh Twist

Nothing says the South more than its unique food and various cooking styles. Each southern recipe is a cherished heirloom passed down from generation to generation and Home Plate Cooking shows how to prepare that special southern recipe your grandmother used to make, while sharing fresh, healthy quick versions of the same food. That could mean preparing a marinade for collard greens that will eliminate the need for fat back, or cutting down on preparation or cooking time for a family favorite. Featuring 150 recipes, Home Plate Cooking celebrates home cooked southern meals in a way that uniquely presents each southern recipe.


“I started challenging myself six or seven years ago to prepare tasty cuisine that reflected my heritage and influence but to alter it so that people could eat it more than once a week and not have to worry about suffering from high blood pressure in every bite,” Woods said.