Here's a healthy quick southern recipe video that is healthy for kids and their families.

Boiled Egg, Bacon & Spinach Wrap

Sometimes we get caught in a rut with breakfast choices when we're running around trying to get ready for school. Here's a healthy, quick, nutritious and delicious breakfast wrap that you kids can even make yourself.

Let me drop some knowledge on ya! Whole grains provide our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals, which lessen the risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. They also slow weight gain, reduce body fat and blood pressure.

Serves 1

1 Mission Foods 8" multi-grain tortilla
1 large bolied egg
1 piece of bacon, cooked crispy and strained
¼ c. fresh spinach leaves, washed and dried
¼ c. shredded low fat cheddar cheese

Scrape the boiled egg on a box grater into a medium-sized bowl (watch your fingers!). Break the bacon strip with your fingers into same bowl. Add the fresh spinach and shredded cheese. With a large spoon, gently stir until everything's combined. Lay the tortilla on a flat surface and spoon the mixture in a straight line in the center of the wrap. Take one side of the tortilla and fold it into the center. Fold the left side of the wrap to the center and roll until it's all wrapped up. Serve.



Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Cooking Light's Casting Call Contest

Chef Marvin joined Cooking Light magazine as the host and a judge of "Casting Call," the search for America's healthiest home cook. You can go behind the scenes and meet the winner, Alia Dalal, who won a kitchen makeover, groceries for a year, and an opportunity to be a contributor to Cooking Light in 2011.

Like Marvin, Alia likes to use healthy whole grains in her recipes, like her winning Amaranth Mac-less Mac 'n Cheese. You can check out Marvin's Amaranth recipes here.

Finalists were selected from 3-minute cooking demos that each contestant submitted of a healthy recipe, like Squash with Curried Kate and Apples, and Spicy Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes with Warm Mango Chutney.



Cooking Light's Casting Call Contest

Chef Marvin Woods was invited to grill on the TODAY SHOW. Watch him grill or check out the recipes from the show.

Home Plate - Turner South

Chef Marvin Woods on Home Plate shared a favorite low country recipe or southern recipe each episode.

Chef Marvin Woods served as the celebrity chef host to the wildly popular show, Home Plate on Turner South, a division of TimeWarner. The chef show ran for four seasons from 2002-2006 and was among the network's top-rated shows. Home Plate averaged 7 million viewers each night, Monday through Friday.


Chef Marvin Woods on Join Us at the Table

Watch Chef Marvin work his makeover magic for CBS News by transforming a traditionally heavy risotto into a Healthy Chicken Risotto. See the recipe and slideshow.

Join Us at the Table

Chef Marvin Woods on Join Us at the Table

Chef Marvin was a guest recently on Join Us at the Table, a weekly Internet radio show on eating and culture. Marvin discusses what's in his pantry and what should be in yours. The session also includes wine diva Dinkinish O'Connor talking about the perfect champagnes for a special occassion or with which to woo your honey.


The New Low-Country Cooking
Order the New Low Country Cooking and try your favorite healthy quick low country recipe or southern recipe.

There's a whole world of flavor packed into an eighty-plus-square-mile area surrounding the cities of Charleston and Savannah. It's called the Low Country of South Carolina.

For centuries, Low Country cooks have taken the diverse foods of Africa, France, Spain, and the Caribbean and turned them into one of the most intriguing regional cuisines.

Chef Marvin Woods offers a new take on this extraordinary cuisine. By incorporating these international flavors with contemporary techniques, he stays true to the roots of the original dish, yet creates new flavors that are innovative and delicious.

Home Plate Cooking
Order Home Plate Cooking and try your favorite healthy quick low country recipe or southern recipe.

Nothing says the South more than its unique food and various cooking styles. Each southern recipe is a cherished heirloom passed down from generation to generation and Home Plate Cooking shows how to prepare that special southern recipe your grandmother used to make, while sharing fresh, healthy quick versions of the same food. That could mean preparing a marinade for collard greens that will eliminate the need for fat back, or cutting down on preparation or cooking time for a family favorite. Featuring 150 recipes, Home Plate Cooking celebrates home cooked southern meals in a way that uniquely presents each southern recipe.

"I started challenging myself six or seven years ago to prepare tasty cuisine that reflected my heritage and influence but to alter it so that people could eat it more than once a week and not have to worry about suffering from high blood pressure in every bite," Woods said.


Home Plate for the Holidays with Marvin Woods
Home Plate for the Holidays features a healthy quick, low country recipe and southern recipe for all aspects of holiday cooking.

As a companion piece to the Home Plate holiday special, Turner South produced and distributed a DVD. It was offered through, and more than 2,500+ DVDs were sold.

Photographs of Marvin Woods Courtesy of Mark Hill © 2006 Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.